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Displaced Series

In 2018, I was displaced by a volcanic eruption. The experience of feeling the earth violently shift and force magma through the surface of the earth transformed my perspective on life and my art practice.

For over 70 days, I sought refuge in eight separate residences while displaced during the 2018 Kilauea eruption. During this time the DISPLACED series was created, a collection of mixed-media works on paper. By using everyday tools and materials sourced from my temporary homes, I began to express the emotional trauma with textural mark-making, white space, and opacity. The color was applied to evoke feeling and structural stability and the composition began to inspire deeper meaning – a bold swath of color translating new earth, small hatches resemble earthquakes, the opacity of new marks covering old give history of what once existed – evoking the spirit of the creation from the lava destruction.

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