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Purchasing Artwork

Shipping Guidelines

• Ready-to-ship, non-framed fine art originals less than 25" are typically shipped via USPS priority mail, fully insured and with tracking to your home or business from HAWAI'I. If it is an artwork that is larger than 25" I ship with UPS 2-day fully insured and with tracking. • The day your order is shipped, tracking information will be provided. Please allow a few extra days for delivery, as it is shipping from Hawai'i Islands.
• Prints are made to order, and printed on Hawai'i Island; they take 7-14 days from the date of purchase.
•International shipping are by special request only.

Return or Exchange Guidelines

I do not accept returns. If you are unsure about a peice of art, please contact me and I can create a mock up of the art in your space to help you decide if it is the right fit. Send a photo of your wall where you would like to see the art displayed.
I will accept an exchange for partial credit within 30 days of delivery, please contact me within 14 days of delivery. Your refund credit will be purchase price minus the roundtrip shipping cost. Store credit is valid for 2 years.

If an item arrives damaged, I will provide a partial refund and ask the work be returned. To initiate a return, please email ferguson.bailey@gmail.com and include the following information: -Your name -The title of the piece -The date of purchase -The purchase price (please include a screenshot or photo of the receipt if applicable) - Please include a photo of the damage.
We will provide a paid shipping label for you to return the piece. Please return it in the original packaging if possible. Your partial refund (purchase price minus round-trip shipping costs) will be processed when the return has been received.
Please email with any questions or concerns.

Packaging Artwork

I ensure proper packing so that the artwork will arrive in safe condition.

Please note:
• I make boxes as small as possible to get the lowest shipping cost.
• I source up-cycled packaging materials from local businesses, including clean cardboard, bubble wrap, and bubble pockets.
• Artwork is wrapped in a protective acid free paper which resists grease and moisture.
• I add 1-2 inches of packaging material with reinforced corners.

Care Instructions

  1. Keep your artworks out of direct sunlight. Your artwork might have a protective layer of varnish, but it is still possible for it to crack or fade if subjected to bright sunlight for long periods of time.
  2. Do not lean anything against the surface of a canvas. Objects near a painting may not seem sharp enough to pierce the canvas, but it is always surprising what will cause a scratch or a rip. Prevent accidents and store your artworks away from anything that might press against the surface. Try not to lean artworks on one another when storing them. Separate them with pieces of cardboard to avoid damage.
  3. Dust your artworks with a clean, soft rag occasionally to prevent dust buildup. Don't use cleaning products or water!
  4. Hang your artworks away from very busy and possibly messy areas. Over time, artworks can accumulate a thin layer of dust and pollutants, airborne grime from cooking oils, particles from smoking and insect specks. If there is a place to display your piece away from these things, or where it will be somewhat less exposed, try to position it there.
  5. Wrap your artwork well if you plan to transport it. Be sure to put a heavy piece of cardboard over the front and back to protect it. Then bubble wrap and place in a suitable heavy cardboard box. Rough handling can damage both the painting and the frame so pack it securely.
  6. Try to avoid subjecting your artworks to extreme changes in atmosphere. Avoid excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold. All of these conditions can affect the state of your artwork in a negative way (canvas puckering, paint cracking, etc.).
  7. If your artwork does get damaged, don't fix it yourself. Take it to the place of purchase for a referral or look up a qualified conservator on your own. Amateur repairs can reduce the value of your artwork drastically.
  8. Do not frame artworks on canvas under glass, because canvas needs to breathe, if it is framed under glass you may trap moisture inside the frame. Canvases experience small, subtle shifts over time due to mild atmospheric changes, so it is best to leave them without glass to allow them to flow with these slight changes.
  9. Do not cover artworks with plastic for long periods of time. If there is humidity in the air, they may start to grow mold. Cotton sheets are best for keeping dust away.
  10. Check the condition of your artworks periodically. Many people put up a artwork and forget about it, until they notice that it has been damaged. If a artwork is fading or cracking, a brief peek at it can prompt you to move it to a better place and avoid damaging it further.    
  11. Information via https://www.artevolution.com/


I have working relationships with local framers and I am available to assist in framing your artwork before we ship it to you. Pictured below custom Koa wood frame.


Comission Interest

I gladly take a few commission paintings a year. If you are interested in a commission for you or a someone you love. Please email me.

To begin the commission process, we discuss the stylistic direction for the painting including subject matter, size, color inspiration and painting medium. I will draft a contract for us to both sign. I do this so that we can be on the same page as far as timeline, copyright, right of refusal, among other info. Payment of the first half of the agreed price is required to start as a non-refundable deposit, this way it is a firm commitment and allows me to purchase the supplies. I’m happy to work out any payment plans if you wish. Upon the first non-refundable deposit I then begin creating sketches for your artwork for you to select the direction for the larger work. I typically work on stretched canvas, however we can arrange another medium that suites your vision, ie. paper or unstretched canvas.
Questions to answer:
Where will the painting be sent to? Pease let me know shipping destination so I can calculate shipping.
Do you want your work horizontal or vertical?
Do you have a color palette in mind?
Is there a story or feeling you want this work to convey?
Is there a work I produced in the past that you want this commission to mimic? Send a screen shot if so.
Do you want a custom frame?


The timeline is dependent on the project, most commissions will take at minimum 2 months from conception to delivery. 2019 Private Commission, 25x25"
Timeline: 3 months completion

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