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Brand New Blue #YinMnBlue

Did you know there’s a new color of blue—the first discovered in more than 200 years?

It’s called YInMN Blue after the elements it’s made from and this vibrant new blue pigment was licensed for artists' paints in the US in 2020.

Tiffany's Art Agency invited me to participate in a group show featuring this new blue.

Tiffany writes: You see, it’s too easy to forget that everything we use to create with comes from the Earth so I got curious about where the various colors we experience in paintings come from. Who would have thought that Yttrium oxide (white), Indium oxide (yellow), Manganese oxide (black), and oxygen, heated to 2,200 degrees would have combined to create a vibrant new blue pigment? One that even has some cool UV reflective properties and potential for roof coatings! These elements are found in rare earth minerals—rocks and soil and described as metals. Yttrium is the 28th most abundant element in the earth’s crust and is even found in our bodies. Indium is the 68th most abundant element, similar in abundance to silver, though it’s very rarely found as its own element. Manganese is found in abundance and was even said to be used in cave paintings in France that date back 30,000 years.


Brand New Blue, Tiffany's Art Agency, curated by Tiffany DeEtte Shafto, Kailua-Kona, HI January 2022 - May 2022

All works are available for purchase with 10% of the proceeds going to benefit the Hualalai Ohana Foundation.

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