I am starting my journey back home to Hawaii, more sound than 77 days ago when the earth split open and lava surfaced 4 miles away from my home. What a lesson. The Kilauea Eruption is a first hand look at impermanence.

After endless hours on social media it was necessary to unplug and be present with family, to cook — and make art.

Kilauea Rising, 2018 | Mixed Media on Paper, 23″ x 17″

Since I have been separate from my main medium of oil paint, I’ve embraced new mediums and create outside my usual subject matter. The work has become more and more non-representational and it became even more about the process of application, building compositions, and to my surprise to a reconnection to a self.

Each painting began without a clear definition of the outcome, only keeping a limited color palette in mind. Through instinctual mark making, I applied color to create a composition that evokes feeling and structural stability. As the composition forms, the paintings began to resemble something more representational – bold swatch of color translating as a mass of new earth. Small hatches resemble the earthquakes. The opacity of new marks covering old give a history of what once existed.

Laze II will was selected to be apart of the 2018 Abstract Only Exhibition at the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center August 3rd – August 30th.