I don’t really know where to start. Everyone knows the story by now. It has been such an emotional week. After experiencing many earthquakes, lava eruptions and a massive 6.9 earthquake that resulted in emergency fleeing of the area of south Puna, returning home for a cat rescue mission and being totally absorbed in the news, lava updates and checking in with neighbors that are still in the area. I’m exhausted.

My evacuee group camped out at Pine Trees Surf Park in Kailua-Kona the night of the 6.9 earthquake. It was such a surreal time, we kept reviewing the day’s events. Trying to the best of our ability to explain our experience and to understand the implications of this eruption.

The next day after the evacuation I paused to surf, I paddled out and just wept.. I felt so grateful to be safe, supported and in excellent health, for the simple living Hawaii has shown me; while simultaneously mourning the potential loss of my community in Seaview, Kalani and the Puna/Pahoa area; of a lifestyle that supported creative growth, daily play, ocean swimming, hyper local cuisine; An area that is sans-billboards and skyscrapers, that is perfectly landscaped by nature; one of the most thriving community of environmental-conscious people that speaks the language of love.

The Red Road II, 2018 – The famous road along the Kalapana-Kopoho Highway is the epitome of picturesque beauty.

I am coming to terms with loosing my things… if that is our fate… a home with the most magnificent night-sky where I would indulge in full moon showers from rain we caught on our roof. The yurt dwelling and it’s skylight that was the perfect frame for passing clouds or shooting stars. We were building a hot tub and I was becoming very productive in the utility shed turned art-studio.. but this is a lesson of non-attachment to material things… and rather be grateful for the relationships in my life: to my peers, to self, and to nature. I’ve learned more in the past week than I have in past years, and it will probably take some time to sink in. But right now I’m going day by day to see what the lava brings… and just be present, conscious, and go with the flow.

Hoping to get back to the art soon, I think it will help as therapy. Pele has inspired.