“Kona’s Resilient Drylands” invitational

In thinking about the importance of Kona’s agricultural history, I was inspired to speak to the future of Kona’s agricultural landscape, especially being conscious of the implications of climate change.

This work illustrates an aerial perspective of the Kona district. The areas highlighted with the iridescent application show Kona’s dryland agricultural areas that are resilient to the effects of climate change. This depiction represents a 19% decrease rate from current agricultural zones. This data comes from three end-of-century climate change scenarios presented in a 2019 study, "The potential of indigenous agricultural food production under climate change in Hawaiʻi” authored by N. Kurashima, L. Fortini, and T. Ticktin. My hope is that mapping these areas will represent a visual awareness of our role and ability to produce food, through ancestral methods, for the islands.

Exhibition History: Nā Māla: Layered Landscapes of Kona Coffee Heritage

Curator: Mina Elison

October 24 - December 12, 2020

Donkey Mill Art Center, Holualoa, HI