Life is what happens when you make other plans

artist-at-sea postponed In an unfortunate turn of events, I suffered a dental emergency the day before departure for my Artist-at-Sea residency – a pretty severe cracked tooth. With the risk of infection and the possibility of lost time at sea, the Ship Captain made a very difficult decision to not allow me to participate in this cruise. Ahhh!! I am terribly disappointed, but I totally understand it was truly for my safety and also necessary for the most productive time at sea.

I did my best to enjoy the last morning on the ship. Sketching ideas, connecting with the scientists about coral research as it pertains to the Hawaii sunblock ban and learning about the technology from the ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) team.

I was parted with some good news: The coordinators are working to pair me with another research cruise in the coming months. So, as disappointing as it was, I am happy to at least say it’s only postponed and hopefully my promised art adventure is in the not-too-distant future. The possibility of my future cruise is really exciting too! Thank you for your support and understanding, I will be excited to share the new expedition, once it is confirmed. with Love and Aloha, Bailey Ferguson now it’s time to imua (Hawaiian: to move forward with strength)