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New Work in Waimea Coffee Co.

Check out BAF Art Displayed in Waimea Coffee Co. and here’s a little background keeping the work safe during the eruption:

Since returning to the Island after the 2018 Kilauea eruption, I gathered the artwork that scattered across the island for safe keeping while we were displaced. When we evacuated we didn’t know where the lava would go, so I took everything that was irreplaceable. Some art was left in Kona, Hilo, Ocean View, and one traveled as far as Maui for safe keeping. I was humbled by my dear friends who reached out to help safeguard my work and my passion during this time of the unknown.

My friend Crystal, who was also my evacuation buddy back on May 4th, kept the Red Road painting with her during her displacement. It traveled with her to 4 or 5 homes before safely making it back to Puna. She told me, “It reminded me of home, and what I wanted to get back to.”


“Bridge over Honoli’i Stream” was selected for a show at the Wailoa Art and Culture Center. I had evacuated just before this and a dear friend picked up the work in Hilo and kept it while I was away.

Another friend picked up an entire box of art as well as our surfboards (equally as important as the art) and kept them safely at his house in Ocean View while we were away. It’s all these acts of kindness that help build an artist up and affirm the importance of community.


If you are in Waimea, Hawai’i please visit the coffee shop (they have amazing local coffee and make a killer acai bowl) and check out the work. You’ll see mostly pieces from 2017-2018 that all have their own story during the eruption. All works are for sale and will be on display until November.

HOURS: MONDAY – FRIDAY 6:30AM – 5:30PM SATURDAY 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM SUNDAY 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


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