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Soft Top I + Soft Top II (Wipeout Series) 
Original Painting - Acrylic, pastel & spray paint on canvas
24" h x 48" w


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The painting, 'Soft Top I and Soft Top II', is from my ongoing Wipeout series, which investigates the world below the ocean surface during a surfing wipeout. The wipeout compositions allude to mental calmness and composure in moments of chaos - I think of them as a metaphor for the uncertainty and powerlessness that we encounter in life. The color palette in this work reminded me of the ubiquitous Wavestorm surfboard, commonly called a Soft Top. Many beginner (and advanced) surfers defer to a soft top because it is big, somewhat safer, and easy to paddle and practice pop-ups/wipeouts. Purchase both paintings, Soft Top I and Soft Top II to display as a diptych of an abstract wave.

Soft Top I + Soft Top II

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